We all have choice

The question: what is the future of the family farm?

The answer: not what it was yesterday

While agriculture continues to do today what it did yesterday and bemoans returns were better historically than presently the future will remain the future.

Simply put, work out what the costs and returns will be tomorrow, today, and if you don’t like the answer consider what else you will do tomorrow.

Stunningly simple, but how many do this on a consistent basis? Furthermore how many know what it is they want from tomorrow, how much it’s going to cost and is it achievable. Again, if it’s not what are you going to do to change it?

How many family farms have a strategic plan as a guiding document for the future, and long term budgetary projections to match?

There is only one clear answer in this blog; the future isn’t what it was yesterday. But the answer raises more questions. Questions, as individuals we need to answer before we complain today’s returns are not suffice.

We all have choice

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